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Clip – Add-on for Go Pricing

Easier and faster work?
Of course!

By using ‘Clip – Add-on for Go Pricing’ you can get pricing tables done way faster than before. You can add a Row or the entire content of a Column to the Clipboard by simply one click, they also can be reloaded using the Drag & Drop tool.

Is it more than just Copy & Paste?

You can store up to 8 different data on the Clipboard, they can be differentiated from each other by numbers and colors.

Can I use them between Tables?

The saved data can be used to transfer data both within a table or between tables.


Go Pricing plugin is not included, it must be purchased separately!



Does the Add-on affect the Admin performance?

The Clip – Add-on stores all data locally within the user’s browser, using the HTML Local Storage technology without affecting the website’s performance and additional server requests when reading or writing data.

List of Features

  • No setup, just one click install
  • Seamlessly integrated into Go Pricing plugin
  • Lightning Fast! No additional server requests when reading or writing data
  • Save the entire content or any part of a column
  • Store up 8 different data on each clipboard
  • Save your time – even creating one single table
  • Translation ready with .mo .po files
  • WordPress 4.7 ready



v2.0 - April 21, 2016

  • [FIX] Incorrect checkbox state bugfix
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Core changes - Go Pricing v3.3 ready
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added update notification and built-in update functionality using 'Go Pricing Update' page
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Admin interface changes

v1.0 - October 12, 2015

  • Initial release

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