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Pre-sales Questions

Would you like to know if the plugin suits you? Please read what others asked before buying it.

1. Does the plugin works with the latest WordPress version?

Yes, it works with the latest WordPress version too.

2. Are there any special system requirements for the plugin?

No, it’s the same as the standard WordPress System Requirements.

3. Can I use plugin with any WordPress theme?

Yes, you can use it with any theme which was made according to the Theme Development Standards.

4. Why should I buy the plugin when I can download it for free from warez sites?

Most of downloaded plugins from warez sites can include harmful codes, which can endanger your whole site. If you buy this product you also support our future developments.

In case of buying this product you can expect the followings:

  • Safety, verified code
  • Free continuous updates with new functions and bug fixes
  • Friendly support

5. What kind of licenses are available?

You can find out more about the accessible licenses at the following address:


6. Should I pay something extra for the plugin updates?

No, once you are buying this plugin you will continuously get the latest version free of charge.

7. Is the plugin continuously developed and can I expect new features?

Yes, we are continuously improve the plugin since 2013 using the customers feedback. Your suggestions are welcome at the following site:



8. How many columns and rows can I create maximum?

You can create maximum 10 columns, the number of the rows is not limited.

9. Can I create different number of rows in each column?

Yes, you can create rows in every column individually.

10. What kind of built in help I will get if I need to store a large amount of data in the table or I would like to create several tables?

Several built in functions and other assistance helps the effective work. You can clone rows and columns when editing a table. Additionally you can also clone the tables.

11. How can I use the tables from the demo site on my site?

The purchased plugin includes all demo data of the tables, furthermore you can download them from the Demo Site too. Custom thumbnails help you identify the tables.

12. Can I use shortcodes from other WordPress plugins and themes in this plugin?

Yes, in every single part of the table accepts shortcodes.

13. Should I need HTML knowledge to use this plugin?

No, only if you want to expand the basic opportunities.

14. Is it possible to use more than one button in a column?

Yes, you can use unlimited number of buttons in a column, in both the Body and Footer area.

15. Can I use 'Star Rating' in tables?

The interactive user rating function is not available at the moment, however you can statically create several types of them using the built in Font icons. You will find some examples for the implementation within the demo tables.



16. Can I show media content (Image, Video, Map, etc.) in the Header part?

Yes, you can customize the Header of every column. There is an option to show Image, Video (for example: YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, etc.), Audio, Map and iframe.




17. Can I show unique media content in the Header area?

Yes, there is an option to show custom media content/website in an iframe. For this you need the embed/website URL of the media content. You can also create media content using custom shortcodes.

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